Jan 29, 2010

SCAM EMAIL - Subject: Contact Email: barr.stevenrudolf@yahoo.com.hk

From: "Thomas, David" - David.Thomas@ed.gov - Reply to: barr.stevenrudolf@yahoo.com.hk - Received: from unknown (HELO exprod8og114.obsmtp.com) ([]) or from source ([]) (using TLSv1) by exprod8ob114.postini.com ([])  or from eduptcexhb02.ed.gov (eduptcexhb02.ed.gov []) by eduptcexmr03.ed.gov (8.13.8/8.13.8)  or from EDUPTCEXMB03.ed.gov ([]) by eduptcexhb02.ed.gov ([]) with mapi;

Dear Email Owner.
Your Email address has won £850,000.00 in this year's Uk National Lottery.
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Contact Email: barr.stevenrudolf@yahoo.com.hk
Online Supervisor

**Note: All replies ,queries or questions concerning your claims should be sent to: barr.stevenrudolf@yahoo.com.hk

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