If you are a frequent user of the Internet and you send emails with regularity, certainly you also receive a handful of daily unsolicited emails from unknown recipients.

After receiving and automatically deleting millions of "spammy" e-mails I decided to create this blog where I will throw all that trash. If you ask me what`s the purpose of this I`ll answer that it could help me exorcising all the anger I have been collecting toward spammers. It could also be of some use as research material for future generations LOL.

Now seriously, this is the best way I found to dissuade spammers from continue sending spam to others. How? Simply by making their emails available to be found by other`s email spiders and in return starting to give them the same that they have been giving me - Email boxes full of sh**!

I like to see this as a spam fighter blog.

I hope it can also help those who are researching about some email they got and perhaps after finding the same email posted here they will realize it´s nothing but a spam or scam.

(this is just a way to catch them - any email to this address will be consider spam)

I must admit I never read this kind of e-mails, well, at least until now! I guess it can be fun to see all the strange things this people are trying to sell to you. I wonder if someone ever bought anything from this guys!?
Oh, what a fool I am. Of course people would buy, otherwise they already should have stopped with it!