Dec 8, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Subject: Get there on schedule. Your schedule. Private jet.

From: "PrivateJet" - - Received: from unknown (HELO ([]);

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Get there on schedule. Your schedule. Private jet.

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Funride said...

From wikipedia:

Security vulnerabilities

HTML allows for a link to have a different target than the link's text. This can be used in phishing attacks, in which users are fooled into believing that a link points to the website of an authoritative source (such as a bank), visiting it, and unintentionally revealing personal details (like bank account numbers) to a scammer.

If an e-mail contains web bugs (inline content from an external server, such as a picture), the server can alert a third party that the e-mail has been opened. This is a potential privacy risk, revealing that an e-mail address is real (so that it can be targeted in the future) and revealing when the message was read. For this reason, some e-mail clients do not load external images until requested to by the user.

During periods of increased network threats, the US Department of Defense converts all incoming HTML e-mail to text e-mail.

The multipart type is intended to show the same content in different ways, but this is sometimes abused; some e-mail spam takes advantage of the format to trick spam filters into believing that the message is legitimate. They do this by including innocuous content in the text part of the message and putting the spam in the HTML part (which is what displays to the user).

Most e-mail spam is sent in HTML for these reasons, so spam filters sometimes give higher spam scores to HTML messages.