Dec 5, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Subject: Designer scents for you.

From: "Perfumes" - - Received: from unknown (HELO ([]);

Another one starting with nonsense (trying to escape Spam filters I guess):

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All the text in red was taken out from the email html code:

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Designer scents for you.

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If you prefer to not receive this anymore,
please make your intention known by following the following link.
3567E 3300S #145 SLC, UT 84109
We take your requests seriously and will
immediately and automatically honor your online request.


David Funk said...

Good blog you got going on over here.

I got your message on the World Blogging Entertainment site about reviewing this blog, and I'll get to it. Look for it to be done this week, and thanks for following both my blogs. I did the same, and I'll add your links to my site soon.

Take care and I appreciate the dropped EC and visits!

Funride said...

Hey David, thanks for passing by and comment on DeletedSpam. Today I posted the 1000th post here, that must be enough reason to celebrate eheheh.

I´ll be looking forward to read your review ;)