Dec 5, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Subject: Bad credit loans are available!

From: "BadCreditLoanInfo" - - Received: from unknown (HELO ([]);

This one starts with nonsense (trying to escape Spam filters):

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Here comes some more nonsense (taken out from the email html code this time):

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Bad credit loans are available!
Bad credit Loans

You can get a loan no matter what your current credit rating is! And here's the best part: it's super easy to take advantage of this great news! Just click here now to find out how!

Here comes some more nonsense (also taken out from the email html code): 

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If you prefer to not receive this anymore,
please make your intention known by following the following link.
3567E 3300S #145 SLC, UT 84109
We take your requests seriously and will
immediately and automatically honor your online request.


Jon said...

This people really do jump through hoops to try to get their spam through, don't they.

What's also sad is that I bet if you followed their "If you prefer to not receive this anymore" directions, you would end up with more spam.

Thank god for spam filters.

-The Evangelist

Funride said...

Hey Jon, thanks for commenting.

Sometimes I think what else they will be willing to do to have their spam emails safe into our email boxes...

I laugh out loud every time one of this emails state that it isn´t spam because it gives the chance for people to unsubscribe, like it was possible LOL

Jon said...

So true. I also wonder if the opt-out is simply to cover themselves if somebody does come after them.

The worst I've seen are emails that imply they have had a prior relationship with you, and that therefore they are justified in being able to send you their spam.

I have to wonder though how much worse it gets as people switch away from email and to other forms of contact. IM spam can't be blocked easily because of the massive amount of screen names they have, and spammers can use services like Twitter to send out their message.

I highly doubt there will ever be a fix.