Mar 24, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - It happened in Starbucks

From: "MY STRANGE TWIST OF FATE" - - Received: from unknown (HELO ([]);

Read this unusual story of a chance meeting,a strange twist of fate, lives changed...

But first, zip back in time to when you first learned about the 0pportunities the Internet held.

You were excited then and ready to make things happen.

And there's lots of things in life that can distract us from our real goals & ambitions...

For sure things online have changed a lot -it is a very fast moving, ever changing market.

and who can keep up with it all...?

But change is good because change always creates opportunity for those with vision.

I don't know about you, but I don't think have great "vision" for things like technology...

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so I make sure I follow the lead of people who do and I try to go to as many technology conferences as possible.

Well, so happens on January 17 I was at a huge Tech Expo in NY and bumped into a business friend of mine who runs several very cool Silicon Valley technology businesses.

This guy is so much smarter than me I always feel like a dunce when he's around...

So, I did what I always do and made small talk about the simplest things possible!

One thing leads to another and he starts talking about his new venture and begins to describe a phenomenon taking place the likes of which he and I have only seen once before...

ht tp: // a corn mocha .c om/ 0-g ozj 88 60x 2ps ale x pa

and that was when the Internet first hit the scene in the mid 90's...

Lives were changed. And IT IS happening again.

So then he introduces me to a few key people there at the TechExpo and helps me put the pieces together and then...

Well, let me just put it this way... it was a strange and amazing twist of fate...

If you want to know what happened next.

just go here ht tp: // acor nm ocha.c om/c uhc 4zi 4fr wxk cwj 44oa

Steve Pierson
P.S. When I follow the lead of really smart people with great vision this always happens!

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