Mar 2, 2011

SCAM EMAIL - Subject: Very Important

From: "Richard. A. Simonson" - - Reply-To: "Richard. A. Simonson" - - Received: from ( []) or from [] by or from [] or from [] or from Office-TOSH (nokiavalentinepromo2011@;

You or someone entered your information on our web Ad for the 2011 Valentine Promo and we are using this medium to officially notify you that the result of the promo was recently released as shown below:

S/N Winners List Amount Won Ticket Number Status
1 700,000.00 GBP *** Unclaimed
2 ***************** 400,000.00 GBP VP882611DB Unclaimed
3 200,000.00 GBP *** Unclaimed
We are happy to inform you that you are our second prize winner and you won 400,000.00 GBP (Four Hundred thousand Great British Pounds) at this promo. Your ticket number is VP882611DB. Please take note of your ticket number as it will be needed for verification.

To receive your prize money as soon as possible, simply fax us the following information for verification:

1. Your Full names 2. Residential/Office address 3. Phone number 4. Fax number 5.Email address 6. Occupation 7. Ticket number

Your prize money will be released to you as soon as you have faxed the above information to our office for verification. Our fax number is +44-700-594-2215. The required information should be sent via fax only.

Bear it in mind that you won big in this promo because you are one of our valuable customers. However, if you wish to decline the receipt of your prize money, you are to notify us on time so that the opportunity will be given to another Nokia phone user.

WARNING: Because of numerous fraudulent schemes going around the internet, confidentiality should be accorded at all times. You are expected to keep the news of your winning and your ticket number to yourself until you have received your prize money. This is to avoid false claims and abuse of the program. Nokia Corporation will never ask you to pay any fee before you receive your prize money.

You can call +44-7024014788 OR +44-7024019130 if you wish to speak to someone from our office.


Richard A Simonson
Chief Financial Officer
Nokia Corporation - UK

Tel: +44-7024014788
Tel: +44-7024019130

Copyright © 2011 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved

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entropy said...

These idiots deserve to be spammed back for mail and forum spam.