Jan 19, 2011

SCAM EMAIL - Subject: Hello Dear,

From: hassana deerow - hassana121@att.net - Reply-To: babyhassana@gmx.com - Received: from nm16-vm0.bullet.mail.sp2.yahoo.com (nm16-vm0.bullet.mail.sp2.yahoo.com [])
by mx.google.com or from [] by nm16.bullet.mail.sp2.yahoo.com or from [] by tm2.bullet.mail.sp2.yahoo.com or from [] by omp1017.mail.sp2.yahoo.com or from [] by web80009.mail.sp1.yahoo.com via HTTP;

Hello Dear,
My name is Miss Hassana,
It pleases me to write you for a sincere relationship,
Can you write me,i have some thing very important to tell you.
God bless you, and lots of love from,
Miss Hassana

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