Dec 10, 2010

SCAM EMAIL - Subject: This is my third and final mail.

From: "Capt Roland Ferguson" - - Reply-To: - Received: from ( []) or from ( []) or from User [] by;


I am Army Capt.Roland Ferguson in the Engineering military unit here in Ba'qubah in Iraq cleaning up after the war as well as protecting lives and property from the hands of terrorists/Al Qaeda network, anyway my main reason of contacting you is that my colleagues and I moved some funds found in Saddam Hussien dug-house worth waiting for the perfect time to move out the funds from Iraq, now we have information that our battalion will be pulling out of Iraq next month, so we believe this is the right time to move the cash out of Iraq.

See Link:

Hence I am seeking for your assistance to assist us to receive the cash on our behalf.I will send more information to you about the way forward once I hear back from you.

Contact me on this email address:

Yours truly.
Capt Roland Ferguson

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