Nov 7, 2010

SCAM EMAIL - Subject: IMPORTANT OFFER: Special Forex program with Liberty Reserve - (

From: "" - - Received: from unknown (HELO ([]) or from [] or from [] by or from [] or from yx-001 (no_reply@ with login);

 Dear Liberty Reserve Members,

  We are please to announce that Liberty Reserve has made considerable progress and improvement, it has become the leading e-currency and its services are being improved continuously.

  Recently we have estabilished a very important relation with leading Forex traders online: InstaForex Group ,  Prime4x,  FXOpen and (Safecap Investments Ltd) so we have started a Promotional Forex trade program using high ranked Brokers.




  Deposits are accepted until 15. November 2010 00:00 (GMT)

  One unit in this special program is worth 10 US dollars. The minimal deposit is 1 unit ($10), while the
maximum deposit is 1.000 units ($10.000) per member. ID verification required for deposits over 5.000 USD.


 If you decide not to lose this great opportunity you need to make a spend to:

Liberty Reserve account U618**** -****
 *Account Name: Liberty Reserve FX - Memo: "No. of units" and e-mail.


The 150% payout will be made back to your LR account in 7 bussiness days from the time you make your deposit.

Example: If you decide to invest 10 Units in our Fx Program you will get 15 units after 7 trading days (150 usd)

The payout is GUARANTEED and there is no risk from losing your funds.

This is a TIME LIMITED ONE-TIME OFFER and you must ACT NOW! Your money will not go to any third-party, they will be stored in our sistem-currency.

Keep your account secure by following these simple rules:
Do NOT click on any links!
We will never send you attached files or ask you to update your login information.
Contact us if you are unsure about an email you received.

 Thank you,

Liberty Reserve Team

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