Sep 5, 2010

SPAM EMAIL - Subject: Vacancy

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Good day, please do allow me to introduce myself, and do read my message carefully, make sure you understand it before replying. I am Garry Gool Senior Engineer at Reading Borough Council, Reading, United Kingdom, Floor 4, 2-4 Darwin Close, Off Commercial Road. Lately I was handling a contract in the UK, and the title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority: UK-Reading: winter maintenance contract was as follows.

Provision of a winter maintenance service to all highways, other than motorways or trunk roads, within the administrative boundary of Reading Borough Council in Berkshire. Contract involves the provision of winter maintenance services, including precautionary and post salting on scheduled routes, along with spot salting, snow clearance and the installation and maintenance of salt bins.

Currently, I will be in and out of UK for a Fresh contract in most of the South Africa Stadium, even until the end of the 2010 World Cup that will be hosted in South Africa for maintenance and so on. I am married to Joy and we have a son by name John, we just need someone/couple who is God fearing, and naturally good, possibly before the end of this month.

If we can get someone soon, we will be glad because we need the person/couple to be here as soon as possible because I am already off and on. If you are ready to work with us, just get back to me so I will go straight to the UK immigrations and tell them the good news, they asked me to get back to them as soon as I find a nanny/caretaker so they will direct me to a senior immigration officer who will instruct and guide the person/couple in getting a two year working visa, without denials, which is the visa needed for you to work with us. English is a must as the mother is straight American, while I am mix [Spanish American].

We have a beautiful property, garden and swimming pool and are searching for someone/couple [With a Passport] interested in spending a long time with us caring for our son, as if they were part of the family. The position would be most appreciated by someone looking for a beautiful experience in one of the most beautiful parts of UK rather than a means to earn money. Position available ASAP and a 3 month long commitment is required though longer is possible and better.


$6,300 per month, allowance $50 every week. Between every three months you will be given two weeks break, and if it happens that we want to travel to other countries i.e. South Africa, America and Japan, for holiday or visit, you will be going with us. After we are sure that you are coming by the UK Immigrations here in UK, your flight ticket will be taken care of by us and also three months salary will be made upfront, but mind you that’s when the said immigration officer gives a go ahead.

If you accept, you can start as soon as possible. According to the Authorities here, since I am a private employers they will not want us to waste money and time, then at the end of the day, visa will be denied, so they suggested that we need to process your visa from their high commission at UK directly, with this, there is nothing like denial, we will back you up with our personal account details and other supporting documents.

Engr Garry Gool
Phone : +27712171321 (South Africa)

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