Apr 1, 2010


From: "ernest " - ernestaminu@rediffmail.com ([])

Dear Confidant,
Good day!

It has become a known fact that thousands of emails originates from the internet as scam, and all in a bid to deceive innocent person that are not careful enough to read in between the lines.

However, there are some genuine emails that have been termed as scam as a result of the Internet scam stigma. In this light, I would want to crave your indulgence to assist me in taking care of some little business in your country.

You should bear in mind in leaving with you a faith sum until the project is completed. Let it be known to you that transparency and commitment is the basics of this project.

My late father Mr. Williams Aminu head a four-man committee on debt reconciliation at the Works Ministry, where, He is also a Director of Project Implementation. In recent past, He have carefully arranged a contract with a foreign firm, in which the cost was over-invoiced deliberately to favor them.

The amount we are about transferring will be open up once i receive your positive reply, I wish to solicit for your partnership and assistance in providing a good and reliable bank account where the fund can be transfered into for further joint investment in your country or any country where you deem conducive and lucrative for Real estate investment preferably or any other business you may introduce me into, I have all the legal covering documents and the deposit attestation for the said fund which my late father secured from the bank in charge when he made this deposit and also it was inscribed in the deposit agreement between my late father and the bank that this fund can be only transfered into any foreign beneficiary account that will be supplied by me as the apparent next of kin (HEIR) to this Bequest deposit which stands to be the only FORTUNE i have inherited from my late DAD.

It is up to you to decide whether if we could get the much needed trust and confidentiality in this project from you. A percentage 15% will be given to you for your assistance and efforts to help me get this fund transfered out from here and an extra 5% will be mapped out to set up the investment scheme for the fund once it gets into your account/country.

From my personal finding from the bank which i have notified them about my interest to claim the fund and have it deposited into my foreign partner's account, what i will be needing from you at the moment is for you to send me the following:

1. Your Full name.
2. Your mailing and contact address.
3. Your telephone numbers.(private)
4. Your Age and occupation
7. A letter of intent confirming to me your acceptance of my proposal.

Upon receipt of the above, I shall communicate with you, and let you know the details of the transfer hence i have already informed the bank here.
I thank you for taking time to read this email and i anticipate your full co-operation.

Best personal regards.
Tel: 00233 54714 0905
Mr. Ernest Aminu.

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