Jan 10, 2010

SPAM EMAIL - Subject: From your friend Temple

From: Temple - webmaster@emcmail.maricopa.edu -Received: from unknown (HELO Exch07-Edge.estrellamountain.edu) ([]) or from Exch07-HT.estrella.emc ( by
 exch07-edge.estrellamountain.edu ( with Microsoft SMTP Server (TLS) id or from jupiter.estrella.emc ( by remotemail.estrellamountain.edu ( with Microsoft SMTP Server id;

Temple (rachelestes@mchsi.com) found this at ht tp: //ww w.est rell  amo nt ain.ed u and thought you might be interested in it.

Here is the message from Temple:

Hey, I'm Eddie Temple...

People say I'm a bad man. A real scumbag. They say my marketing
tricks are too sleazy, too dirty, that I'm not playing fair. Yeah,
they think I'm a real bad guy.

And you know what?

I don't give a damn .. because I got mad money. You don't like how
I get rich? It offends you? Bugger off!

I'm about to show you the deepest, darkest, sickest secrets of
internet marketing. You think I made $4,582,700 in two years by
browsing marketing forums and writing articles? Or fumbling around
with cheesy ebooks? No ... Hell no!!

Trust me, I could sell glasses to a blind man. It doesn't matter
what you sell, it only matters how you sell it.

How I made $3942 in one weekend doing nothing but buying domain
names. Easy? OH YEAH ...
Feel Free For Visit Here
GO>>ht tp:// twu rl.c  c/2 0 w9

Eddie Temple

Click on the following link (or copy and paste the url into your browser) to go to h ttp://w ww.estrella mountain .ed u/new s/arti cle.as p?arti clen um=1 00 now.

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