Dec 10, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Subject: Please check out this product

From: "Shatrina Underwood " - - Received: from unknown (HELO ([]) or from [] by with SMTP;


I need to share this with my VIP list as quickly as possible so you guys can be first in line. . .

A system that was supposed to be released earlier in the year
(which was reset to launch later in 2010) is being leaked!!!

There's only a limited amount of copies being released though,
Donald and his team are simply sick of getting bothered to release their system,
so they put together a final build for a public Christmas pre-release.. .  . ..

Please bookmark this leak page and visit it again tomorrow:
(I'll also be sending a follow up and full announcement to the full list,
but you'll still be first to see it).

Grab it here >> ht tp: // go 2 -l ink. co m/ae nr es
h tt p:// viral url .co m/tsa van na/Ea rly-Bir d-V IP-Invi te-F or-Fo re x-Lea k


Shatrina Underwood

Here is the new launch I promised you
earlier today.
ht tp: // go 2 -l ink. co m/ae nr es

To delist

ht tp:// www. power clean products .c o.u k// shop query  .as p?cata log id=7 8

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