Dec 27, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Sent by a reader



We all love iPhones, Laptops, Game Consoles, Wide-screen TV's etc. And, who doesn't want to own it? 

The only problem is that, they are all VERY EXPENSIVE! 

There is a new book, available from: ht tp://vir alu m/fre egad get/V /?, which shows you how to get free gadgets delivered to your door. These gadgets could be anything, from video games, games consolesand accessories, through to mobile phones, laptops, PCs, widescreenTVs and plenty more. There's no contracts, no fees, no credit checks and no hiddencharges. 

They are not stolen, bootleg, broken or samples. They are brand new, exactly as you would get in a shop or from an online store like Amazon, and you get to keep them forever. I myself got hold of this ebook and just finished reading it (it'sa tiny 15 pages ebook full of quality CONTENT), I can conclude the following:  
* It is not a scam
* It is a legitimate opportunity
* Thousands of people are already taking advantage of it, andreceiving millions of dollars worth of free gadgets
* Although it can take a little while, it is very easy to do, andlastly...
* I'm definitely going to do it myself!


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