Oct 31, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - RE: private loan company

Received from: R.WAYNE AHMED - wayne@loan.co.uk - Reply-to: mr.wayne_ahmed@yahoo.com 

I am Mr. Wayne Ahmed we are a private loan company in the United Kingdom.We
offer Personal and investment  loans to individual and companies
respectively at a cheaper rate of 3%,we offer loan ranging from $2,000.00 to
the maximum Of $ 16,000,000.00 USD so get back to me with the exact amount
you need from our Loan Company.We also offer the following category of loans

Auto Loans,Payday Loan,Student Loan,Mortgage Loan,Personal Loan Business
Loan,Bad credit Loan,Home equity Loan,Debt Consolidation Loan.

Kindly fill and return this form below if you want to proceed with this loan

Full Name: Purpose of loan:
Age: Gender:
Address: Country:
Company name: Occupation:
Telephone: Amount Needed As The Loan:

If you are interested.contact us with the
Email: mrahmed9@9.cn
Phone Number:+44-704-575-2564


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