Sep 13, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - New way to make money | AdFlasher

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Hey, this is tutorial on monetizing techniques. This tutorial is on AdFlasher.

Here is what AdFlasher is about:

Earn up to $15.00 Per Hour
$1.50 Signup Bonus
$1.50 Invitation Bonus
10% Referral Commissions
Targeted CPM Advertising
Guaranteed Consumer Attention
Guaranteed 4.6% CTR
Lifetime Directory Listings

It's really easy to do, heres a tutorial.

1. Make a free account, using my referal link-
ht tp: // ad flasher .n et/?tu ti
2. Use the money they give you at the start to use the "Adviewer" and make sure you follow the instructions. I use the Adviewer while watching TV.

3. Get referals to earn, or transfer your own money to get started.

4. Once you make money, keep investing back into it, and reap the profits.

Its very easy to make money, and you really dont need to invest into it at the start.

I will give you a specific method to make money. First, get enough to cashout $30 to Paypal or Alertpay. Then, put $15 back into your account to buy 100 Adviews for the Adviewer. Use the 100 Adviews, should take you 1 hour and then cashout the $30 you have made. Then repeat. This means, everytime if you use the 100 Adviews, you earn $15. That means, realistically, you should be making around $15/a day. If you dont have school, or it is the weekend, you can make anywhere from $60 to $105/a day. It's fun to watch something on your computer, like a TV show season, while using the Adviewer, so your not completley bored.

Have fun earning.

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