Sep 24, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - A message to you, from rose, about Airkix

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To: friend
From: rose

Hi Friend,

I tried one of those online survey sites

about 4 months ago that
say all you have to do is spend a couple of

minutes filling out
some surveys and you will be making a lot

of money every day . . .
YEAH RIGHT, I didn't make anything.

I joined 7 of these stupid websites and I

actually tried filling
out a couple of surveys on each site and

they took forever then at
the end they wanted me to buy things or I

couldn't complete the

These are complete scams so be aware!!! I

couldn't believe they
were even allowed to sell such bogus


ht tp:// run url .c om/x x.p hp?u m f

Then about 2 weeks ago I was watching the

news and they had some
vice presidents and marketing managers of

some major multi-million
dollar companies talking about a site that

they personally work
with to pay consumers for their opinion, A

site that actually just
wants the "average Joe's" honest opinion on

products and services
and is willing to pay big money to get


ht tp:// run url .c om/x x.p hp?u m f

I tried this site out and it is the only

one I have ever seen that
actually pays you just to take surveys. I

had gotten nearly $100 in
my first day just filling out 3 simple


This is the only legit survey site online,

so if you are
interested in aquiring as much as a hundred

per day just giving your
opinions then make sure you check this out.

ht tp:// run url .c om/x x.p hp?u m f

P.S. there is a video on the homepage that

will explain everything.
If I were you I would at least check the

video out and if you don't
get a minimum of $300 in your first week

they have a 3 month refund
policy so just get your money back!!! This

is definitely worth a

ht tp:// run url .c om/x x.p hp?u m f

Best Regards,

Rose Carpio

ht tp: //www. airkix .c om/te xt_sub men u.a sp?cs s=1& id=m en u4

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