Sep 15, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Forex Center Special Offer

From: "ForexCenter" - -Received: from unknown (HELO ([]) or from (unknown []) by;

Good day,
Our company, Forex Center, is inviting you to take part to the world’s biggest trading market, FOREX.
We are here to put at your disposal our services and to guide you and give the information you will need to have succeed in this market.
Because of the great market conditions in the upcoming week and the increase we are expecting to happen with stocks, commodities and indexes we are glad to present you our special offer.
If you open a Live Account with us until the end of August and you will benefit a 10% bonus on your first deposit besides other advantages we can offer you.
Our offer includes:
1. A fix spread of 3 PIPS on all majors;
2. Possibility to trade CFDs;
3. Commissions Free;
4. Guaranteed Stop-Loss;
5. Assistance from our Account Managers;
6. Advise from our Brokers and Market Analysts;
For further information you can visit our website: ww w. forex center .b iz
You can also contact us by e-mail: or via telephone: +40 31.425.79.02

Best regards,
Forex Center Team

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