Aug 25, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - [] $3201.27 Dollar Question..

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J Miller ( send this information to your.

At-Home Workers Wanted!
ht tp :// tw url.n l/wi ll l0

with message:

Hi -

I got an important question for you...

How would you like to make t-housands from home?

...You read it right. You can create a real in-come in front of
your computer. That could start in the next few minutes...

My name is J Miller. Yes, my firstname is only a single-letter
name (it's not an initial).

I am a representative of an international firm that provides
people a real work from home - partime or fulltime. Our partime
workers make $900 to $3200 per week. And our fulltime workers
make up to $12,000 per month.

The reason I personally email you is that we found out that we
have few positions on your area. If you are interested, you can
get one and be part of our team and start creating in-come in
the next few minutes.

It's never hard to be part of our team. Your first step is to
check if the positions that I am talking is still available.

You can find it out from here:

ht tp://tw ur /wx 27 yf

See you on the team,
- J Miller

No mor updates, clik her: tw url.n l/l4p jkw


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