Aug 9, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Fortunes are being made; Crambe Bio-Oil!

From: "Jacko WLYMG" - - Received: from unknown (HELO ([]) or from ([] helo=ChampAmigo) by with esmtpa (Exim 4.69);

You receive this message because in the past you have shown interest in lucrative

programs. If this information is incorrect, please write cancel in a return message!



It’s the Internet's next ‘big’ moneymaker and you can be part of it ! If you care about the
planet and at the same time can use some (extra) income,
then you must check out “WLYMG”!

The program is in pre-launch and will be launching 3 August. Until 3 August they'll ‘match’
any payment from your personal teammates, in other words you will get
what they order!

The facts!


· A mere $25 gets you going!

· Guaranteed profits of more than 1% per week!

· Lifetime income and inheritable!

· Ten percent “Referral Bonus”!

· Forced Matrix “5 x 8” deep!

· Breakage Bonus!

· No sponsor obligation!

· No license required, it's a profit sharing program!

· Credit Card and other methods accepted!

· Worldwide Program!

It’s free to check out the program, follow this link: ww w. we let your money grow .co m/?jac ko

See you soon,


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