Jun 25, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Mailing List of medical geneticists etc..

From: "Mccarthy V Marietta" - pls_noemailhere@ms.arthouses.com.tw - Reply-To: tune@medexecdata.com - Received: from unknown (HELO ms.arthouses.com.tw) ([]) or from dodson (unknown []) by ms.arthouses.com.tw;

Certified Medical Doctors in the US

Medical Doctor in over 31 specialties

you can sort by many different fields like primary or secondary specialty

Now offered at the lower rate: $392

{}{}{} If you order this week you will receive the 4 complimentary datasets below: =======

** Hospitals

+ Nursing Homes

++ Visiting Nurses & RN's

==> Chiropractors

send us an email:: Copeland@medexecdata.com

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