Jun 6, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Just Launched! 90% Payout!!

From: jessieyoppes@gmail.com - Received: from unknown (HELO vacationhosts.com) ([]) or from localhost (localhost []);


A revolutionary program with revolutionary payplan
had just soft-launched "seconds" ago. It Pays out
90% commissions to all qualified members!

It contains the first ever "Lottery Bonus Pool"
which gives all members a chance to earn at least *$100
and up to *$500 a month if chosen by our system to
be one of the random members that will be awarded
with this amazing bonus!

We need to hurry to share this to others... Please just
check out the details yourself directly from here:

ht tp :// tw url .n l/1 7uf 6e

Again, this had just soft-launched seconds ago!!

Jessie Yoppes
RC First-Alerts (RCFA) Team

P.S. This message goes to our members and opt-ins
at RCFA Team. If you think you should not
receive this email, please delete it immediately.
And report to us errors.rcfateam@gmail.com. We will
then correct this error so that you will no longer
receive emails from us. Thank you for your time and

Again, you can be part of this great new program by
checking it here: ht tp :// tw url .n l/1 7uf 6e

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