Jun 27, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Earn $1,000,000 in 12 Months!

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I have to send you this very important update today,
because I feel that you must know
these updates (if you haven't known it yet).

FAPTurbo has been doubling "real money" accounts on the
series of tests that the developers of these money-making
robot have made before launching this break-through in
robotic money-making-from-home industry (as we call it) on
November last year.

And for over 3 months now, a lot of members are getting
back to them giving their unending "Thank Yous" for
creating a real system that "makes them money out of their
hard-earned money!"

Those who have already claimed their copy of this
automatic-money-making slave have been doubling their the
amount of their trading accounts in just few months - some
even able to double their money in just a single month!

FAPTurbo automates the same concept that the group of
expert ForEx traders have used to double their money EACH
month since 1999! They've made this robot for existing
forex traders to make more money with very minimal time
needed. And most of all, they made this robot for those who
don't have any experience in trading forex to earn like a
pro! And yes! to also help them double their trading
accounts in just just few months.

How would you like to have your $500 initial trading amount
to skyrocket to over a million dollars in just a year?
That's very possible if this robot constantly doubles your
trading account every month!

Initial Amount: $500
Doubles in your First month, and becomes $1000
Second Month: $2000
Third Month: $4000
Fourth Month: $8000
Fifth Month: $16000
Sixth Month: $32000
Seventh Month: $64000
Eighth Month: $128000
Ninth Month: $256000
Tenth Month: $512000
Eleventh Month: $1024000

That's it! Over a million in just 12 months or less can be
very possible!

If you haven't gotten your copy of this robot on your
computer yet, you can still get it now at the lowest price
possible - they will pumped the price up at anytime because
they know that people will still get value of their money
getting this robot even at $1000 cost.

ht tp :/ /v ur. me/cas hgen/fap turb o? a=

If you have already gotten FAPTurbo, Congratulations!

Many people wanted a customizable version of fapturbo to
specify their own trading hours & set their own
parameters.. to experiment and optimize.. FAPTurbo team are

happy to announce its release :) It's the Version44 of this


Warning: This version44 should only be used by people that
are already familiar with fapturbo and want to experiment
and tweak even further!

You can download plus read more about fapturbo44 pro in
the members zone download section. The download is
FREE of charge as they stick to their commitment in
you with ongoing support to make the best forex robot
currently on the market even better :)

ht tp :/ /v ur. me/cas hgen/fap turb o? a=

To your success,
FAPTurbo Team

FAPTurbo - the best forex trading robot on the planet...
ht tp :/ /v ur. me/cas hgen/fap turb o? a=

2211 Coleman Avenue
Palm Desert, CA 92260

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