Apr 26, 2009

Spam email - Get in Line, Hit the Top, and GET PAID - Just launched minutes ago...

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Hello Friend -

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I have just been given the green light to introduce you to what will no doubt be my #1 program for 2009... and it JUST LAUNCHED 10 minutes ago!

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My business and personal relationship with the founders of this program goes back many years. As a result, they have put me AT THE TOP of this amazing system, giving me and anyone I tell about it the greatest opportunity to earn the most money.

If you take action right now you can jump ahead of thousands of members who will be joining over the next 48 hours. As a result, YOU will get placed HIGHER in the EXTREME Matrix!

The amount of money YOU can earn from the exploding EXTREME Matrix week after week is determined by how many members you LOCK IN under you! This is 100% about timing. How fast will you take action?

The EXTREME Matrix is a cycling forced matrix. This means that people joining below you force YOU to hit the TOP of the matrix and get paid over and over again. Yes... for the first time in history a matrix has been designed to allow EVERYONE to Hit the Top... where the biggest MONEY action is!

Like clockwork you'll get in line, hit the top, and GET PAID. Get in line, hit the top, and GET PAID.

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The FASTER you take action, the HIGHER you will be placed in the EXTREME Matrix... making you that much closer to the TOP. Remember... hit the top, GET PAID. Hit the top, GET PAID.

Every second you wait, someone else is diving into the EXTREME Matrix, taking your position, and pushing towards the top and PAY DAY... ahead of you.

The second you LOCK IN your position, EVERYONE else will be forced into the EXTREME Matrix AFTER you, causing you to hit the top and GET PAID faster... over and over again!!

See you on board!

PBX Marketing Team
20 West Kinzie St.
Chicago, IL 60610

P.S.: If you Get In Line and Join. Guaranteed You can make money $495 weekly NO SPONSORING. But if you share this opportunity and tell the world this will add up your commission. You can make more money!

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