Apr 3, 2009

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Classified Ads Weekly Newsletter

Friend -

Global Recession - that's all over the newspaper pages, TV reports, and internet media from all around the globe today. Businesses are in a state of emergency. Employees are in great financial danger and economic trouble. This is indeed an emergency that everyone must look for immediate solution.

However, while people are panicking, group of people are just simply staying at home and making more money than those who are out to office for a regular 9-5 JOB. These people are earning $500, $1000 to even tens of thousands of dollars monthly from home using their internet connection and a computer. If you want to do the same, then read on...

Internet Money-Making Industry (IMMI) is the only business industry that has not been affected by the global recession that most of the usual business are experiencing right now. In fact, it is going even stronger and stronger each day.

Just recently, a new money-making program from a very reputable company have successfully launched late January this year and it is making money to all of its qualified members.

With this new opportunity, every member can make $495 without recruiting anyone. This is the total income of the full cycle within their revolutionary money-making matrix! And any member are allowed to cycle once a week even without personal referral.

I am very confident to share this business to anyone else that I am giving an assurance that you will make more money here than what you are going to pay if you just try it for at least six months straight.

Join this business for at least six months, and if you will not earn more than your total membership fees for six months, get back to me personally and I will refund you money back!

Let's just be too conservative and say that you will only be able to cycle 4 times within the company-matrix in your 6 months of stay. By that, you could be having a total earning of $308 total commissions! And, your 6 months stay will only cost you $290 in total!

Remember, that's from a very conservative standpoint. Some people are cycling 5 times, 7 times, and even more than 10 times in this business in just a month or two without doing anything after joining!

This is really worth a try. And the FASTER you act today and start your members, the better chance that you will cycle within the matrix fast!


To your Success!

Alan Morris
RA Marketing Group

P.S. We are sharing this article to those who want to better their financial situation despite of the current economic status that we are facing right now. There's no recession or loss of profits if you have a business that has less capital requirements and with unlimited earning potential. You can have one on the internet! Just check it out fast.

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Dear BoatUS Member,

Because you've told us you tow a boat in North Carolina, we think you should be

aware of this legislative development:

Governor Easley has called the Legislature back to Raleigh for a session tomorrow -

Wednesday at 11 am - to vote again on House Bill 2167, the boat trailering width

bill. This bill allows boat trailers up to 10' wide to be towed without a permit.

It also allows boat trailers up to 9.5' wide to be towed any day, at any time.

Boat trailers 9.5' - 10' wide may be towed only between sun up and sun down.

Right now the NC law says that towing a boat trailer wider than 8.5' requires a permit and is illegal at night,
Sundays, and at noon the day before a national holiday until noon the day after.

This bill passed the House and Senate in July, but was vetoed by the Governor on

August 17. To override the Governor's veto, a 60% "yes" vote is required.

For a copy of the bill, click here.

To make your views known to your state representatives, click here. Use the "Senate"

and "House" buttons on the left tool bar to contact your legislators directly.

Margaret Podlich
Vice President of Government Affairs


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