Mar 15, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Re: My Success, Get in, Cycle, Get Paid (no gimmicks)

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I am getting lots of emails from my downline about
how they have cycled once, twice, 3 times, and some
even 4 times so far.

The first time you cycle you get $27. The next time you
get $57. The next time you get $97. So, even if you only
were to cycle 3 times you'd still be in profit.

It will be more than 3 times a month though. In the
beginning probably 5 times every 2 weeks.
Then as the membership base increases it
will be up to 5 times a week. IF you don't
ever sponsor anyone. If you do sponsor just 1 person
that limitation is removed and you will cycle even

People ARE cycling. 1000's of people. Everyone who
joins gets to cycle. How do I know this? Well, for one
thing PBX offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Why
would they offer this if they didn't feel that everyone
would be 100% satisfied?

One point I want you to know about before you go to join.
Your position in the matrix is determined by the time it
takes you to upgrade from the time you sign up. Please make
sure you are ready and decided before you sign up. Be ready
to pay with a credit/debit card the $104.90 join cost.

If you move through that process quickly you will
immediately go into the matrix at the top at midnight PST.

Everyone else who upgraded but took longer than you will
go in under you. You will very likely cycle even before
people who upgraded 2 days before you do.

Everybody cycles and gets paid. No
sponsoring required. A 30 Day Money Back
Guarantee. What are you waiting for?

Go Now ==> ht tp :// go 2 - url . com /ai ex an

My hand in Success,

My Success Team

You are believed to be someone interested in making money online or
we have exchanged emails in the past, or have been part of the same
organization or downline. If you would like to opt-out then please
reply with the subject "No

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