Mar 22, 2009

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Hey funride, it's Mr Unemployable!

I ammmm back! Everyone is talking about the recession, and
the high unemployment rates. Well I'm here to tell you that
being unemployed is a choice for me and it can be for you!

Now is the perfect time to start embracing unemployment for
what it really is...FREEDOM in 2009 baby!

I'd like to show you how you can be ready for unemployment
and eventually, one day you'll be completely unemployable,
just like me.

It's my goal to help you tell your boss to shove it, before
he calls security to shove you out the door.

Hope you had an awesome 2008. I worked like crazy in 2008.

Never again. Midway through the year I said screw it, and I
dove into Unemployment head first!

Here's what I did in 2008:
-Got married to my beautiful wife!
-Quit work and upset my beautiful wife!
-Made some serious cash on CPA offers with Social Networks.
-Wrote, Produce and Directed my first feature length movie!
-Told my beautiful wife's boss to shove it, now she's happy!
-Gave a car to my oldest sister for Christmas present!
-Bought a trip to Hawaii for my now reeeeeeally happy wife!

and most importantly:

I didn't have to deal with some j*ck*ss boss telling me when
I have to wake up and what I have to wear, I didn't have to
worry about the bills anymore, and I don't think twice about
buying a $50 steak every now and then because I feel like it!

Being Unemployable is gooooooood.

So I will be giving you a lot of tips that I used to make a
consistent 5 figure monthly income on the web in 2008.

Here is the 1st tip:

You need to check out this free seminar right now on upstream.

www (dot) traffic university (dot) com
-------\ www (dot) traffic university (dot) com
-------/ www (dot) traffic university (dot) com
www (dot) traffic university (dot) com

It is called Traffic University by Carlos and Lupe Garcia.

They have helped many clients ramp up to over $1million in
sales a month. They have personally hit over $1mil a month
on over 5 products themselves!

Their first seminar last year was $25k. Now they are giving
a limited time free Live broadcast!

(They also have some recordings online but I am not sure how
long it will be on.)

Devour it now.

The inside information is going to blow your mind.

To your 2009 success,

Mr Unemployable

PS I am not making a cent of this. There is no dang affiliate
link. Just go do it and profit handsomely in 2009 so you can
be ready to EMBRACE unemployment!

Mr Unemployable
PO Box 4493
Sevierville TN

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