Mar 11, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - I Found You a New Job

From: "HR" - -Received: from unknown (HELO ([]);

If You Have 60 Minutes A Day, You're Hired $195.00 and up... per day

Check for positions in your area:

ht tp: // jail robin .com /qsps iympn i8df g4 zes gq

Immediate Placement

To remove yourself from this advertisement:

ht tp: // jailrobin .co m/s 8gd a4u4 pex sd cek g8pa

write to:
16192 Coastal Highway Lewes,
DE 19958

Hi Subscriber! You are receiving this solicitation because you previously agreed to receive correspondence. If this service should fail to meet your expectations, feel free to disassociate yourself from our service.
ht tp :// jail robin .com /un sub /? id=a i0ri oas 0md cm 4oe 4

Should you want to contact us via the United States Postal Service, our address is as follows:
96 Linwood Plaza Suite 132 Fort Lee, NJ 7024

1 comment:

Funride said...

Really!? 60 Minutes A Day and I´ll earn more than $195.00 everyday? In my area?

That´s amazing... you´ve found the solution for all world`s problems... NOT

I imagine you never ever work more than 60 minutes for real, am I right or what? I think you should get a job your self, good luck.