Mar 19, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - HUGE International Pre-Launch...FREE Position...Massive 2x15 Global Matrix...HURRY!

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After my friend, and 7-income earner, called me about this early this morning I just knew I had to share it with all of you!

Get in now to claim your FREE spot because when the flood gates are opened up your matrix will fill quickly! I'm getting ready to email my contact list of some of the BIGGEST Internet marketers on the planet.

This is a 2x15 forced matrix, and I'm positioned close to the very top, so timing is EVERYTHING! If you currently have A Weber, Audio Acrobat, GoTo Meeting, etc., etc., etc., you HAVE to check this out. You can roll all these tools into one place and pay just one monthly fee instead of several!

This is an amazing autoresponder tool with MANY other features like: image storage, audio & video storage, live chat and GoTo Meeting-Like features which can all be easily be imported into your website!

There are too many features to describe... you really just need to check it out!

I'm not gonna waste any more of your precious time today... so just go check it out and reserve your FREE spot NOW NOW NOW!!!

ht tp :// Web Prosperity . look era .net

PS David D'Arcangelo is the guy behind this fantastic tool. I'm sure you've heard of him, or read one of his books: Cash Flow Marketing, Wealth Starts at Home or others. Maybe you say him at a conference where he was speaking on behalf of the company he co-founded with TONY ROBBINS!

PPS On a more serious note... we wish you a very happy holiday season and we'll be up tonight watching out for Rudolph and his crazy antics! :-)

ht tp :// Web Prosperity . look era .net

Best wishes to your financial future, Megan Russell

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