Feb 12, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Searching for women in need of an "extreme shape makeover."

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Press Release: Arvada, CO, December 1, 2008

One of the nation's most trusted leaders in dietary supplements, GNS (Global Nutrition Sciences), is recruiting participants between the ages of 18 and 69 for a nationwide marketing study.

They're searching for women in need of an extreme shape makeover. Could this be you? Are you tired of buying dumpy, frumpy clothes and want to get back in those skinny jeans again? Ready to see a brand new,confident you?

The new high-speed diet-pill SlimSeduction may just be your answer, judging from preliminary results. Some testers lost an extraordinary amount of fat, and even some of the unattractive cellulite from their lower bodies and bellies.

Created by a team led by expert nutritionists and research scientists at GNS,SlimSeduction has a formula that is entirely based on science. In fact, over 57 scientific studies indicate that SlimSeduction's individual ingredients may speed up fat-burning and reduce the intense food cravings that many women struggle with.

Now researchers want even more proof that SlimSeduction works as quickly in the real world as its ingredients have in the laboratory, and the astonishing initial tests.

If you qualify for an extreme shape makeover, you will get a 30-Day Supply of SlimSeduction so you can participate in this important survey.

Participation is being limited, so you must act now to ensure your place.

Click Here to Find Out If You Qualify...

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