Feb 14, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Account Block Notice

From: "LibertyReserve.com" - administrator@libertyreserve.com - To: "block-notice@libertyreserve.com" - block-notice@libertyreserve.com - Received: from unknown (HELO ls1132.lucidityhosting.net) ([]);

** Liberty Reserve Account Block Notice **

Your account has been blocked due to numerous invalid login attempts. You will be unable to send and receive funds until your account has been activated.

Click here to remove block from your account:

ht tp:// w w w. liberty reserve .co m/e n/cus to mer/un bloc k.as px? id= 478 08 17 2&s=H F30 23N237&ver ify=1 &ac tio n=unb lo ck

Failing to unblock your account will result temporary account suspension.

Liberty Reserve Customer Service

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