Feb 26, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - 500 Million Email Addresses Are On Sale

From: "Carmen Stratham" - csmarketingsolutions@gmail.com - Received: from unknown (HELO dc01sm01v0.kintera.com) ([] envelope-sender - bounces@sm1.kintera.com ) or from sm1.kintera.com ([]) by dc01sm01v0.kintera.com (StrongMail Enterprise 4.1.0(4.1.0-41174));

This is very quick. We are currently selling this

amazing leads at a very low price.

Every online marketeers has their own list of

people that they want to send their promotions to.

Create a list of your own. Don't rely on email

blasters that doesn't work at all.

500+ Million Email Leads cannot be wrong.

ht tp :// tw url . nl /eo 5 6 v

This sale won't last long - that's for sure.


Carmen Stratham

Direct-Point Marketing Solutions

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