Jan 27, 2009

Spam email - Attention all Moms-Join our team of Moms working from home and loving it!

From: Annelene Joy - anneleneranjoy@gmail.com - Received: from unknown (HELO mcapsweb1.monstercommerce.net) ([]) or from MCECOM4-289.monstercommerce.net ([]) by mcapsweb1.monstercommerce.net with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.1830);

Hi Moms, Annelene here.

Are you a stay at home MOM or would you like to be one?

With your membership, you receive a Discount Membership Card that can be used to save money at over 175,000 retail merchants WORLDWIDE! up to 50% Savings!

Wow! Now that's what i am talking. Finally A product that literally pays for itself!

Each month, you will be able to print out coupons from Brand Name manufacturers that you can use at any of over 100,000 grocery stores around the country!

With this alone, you already get a 50% Savings. Just Imagine that!

Plus! Each time you share the great products with others and they take advantage of our membership, YOU will earn a $25 Retail Bonus the very next week!

Now who doesn't wan't a 50% Savings just by doing her grocery stuff?

What's even more exciting is that as those people share the products with others, they will earn the $25 Retail Bonus, and YOU will get an additional $8 override on any sales that they make!

And as if that weren't enough, we even pay out TWO more generations of sales, an additional $5 for all of your third generation sales and an additional $3 for all of your 4th generation sales!

Here's More You Can Earn up to 20% cash back at any of over 600 online stores, including Target,Sears, Macy's and MORE!

In fact, not only will you earn cash back on all of your online purchases, but you will also have your own website where you'll be able to send others to check out great online deals. And anything they purchase through your website, YOU will earn cash back on THEIR purchases as well!

Another powerful way to put more money back in your pocket each and every month!

That means, that any one of these products alone will save you more money each month than your monthly membership fee! And as a member of MyWorldPLUS, you get ALL THREE!

Now Moms! the deal here is either you get up to 50% Savings just by doing your grocery stuff or get $25 by sharing.

I would live the decision to you. Click here for more information:

ht tp :/ / vur. me / working moms /13 5 3 91 22

Annelene Joy

P.S. If you are not interested on our offer say no or you may respond to this email anneleneranjoy@gmail.com with no more email for us not to bother you again.

There are hundreds of money making opportunities online, everybody knows this. If you decide to try out someone else's program instead this first, just remember our website. When you feel like their program has failed you, come back to us and then give this program a try.

You will immediately see the difference - Guaranteed!

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