Jan 19, 2009

Spam email - The All-New Global Marketing System- Grab One Now!

From: "GMS Admin" - globalmarketingsystem@live.co.uk - Reply-To: "GMS Admin" - senderforlife08@gmail.com - Received: from unknown (HELO server100.addora.com) ([]) or from [] (port=25464 helo=ONG-1A843FE6183) by server100.addora.com;

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GMSystem Admin

This email is in compliance with the new CAN-SPAM act of December, 2003. You are believed to be someone interested in making money online or we have exchanged emails in the past, or have been part of the same organization or downline. If you would like to opt-out then please send email to senderforlife08@gmail.com with the subject "No Thanks" This is an ADV. If you think this message has come to you by mistake, we apologize.

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