Jan 21, 2009

Spam email - 24k in 24 days

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On live TV, I was challenged to take someone from Regis Philbin's studio audience and teach them my wealth building strategies.

Just 90 days after following my system Pat Waston was $20,000 wealthier.

Your turn:

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Robert Allen
America's Foremost Millionaire Mentor

Halt Future Announcements:

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Write to :
Robert Allen Media,
5190 Neil Road Suite 430,
Reno, NV 89501

Hi, you are receiving this solicitation because you had previously agreed to receive correspondence from us or one of our partners. If this service should fail to meet your expectations, feel free to disassociate yourself from our service.

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Should you want to contact us via the United States Postal Service, our address is as follows: Lemmond Partners, 7220 Shearwater PL, Philadelphia, Pa, 19153-2708

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