Jan 12, 2009

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Tina Philips.

Dear Sir,
We are offering unique service to increase your business & image in public
United Kingdoms Local number:
we offerd United kingdoms local number to call your customer from london & whole England. They can make a locall call from whole England to talk you , so they never loss there money , they can discus with you & possible to happend some business

For this we will charge you Rs.200 per month/ number
There is no any charges to divert this call from England to your countrys any Telephone number
International Local Number:
We Can Offer you any country's local number by paying additional Rs.50 for each number monthly [conditions apply] Means your customer can call you from any country in local call expensses

Free Trial:
We offer free trial for One Week your caller can call at englands local number & your phone will ring At India

For Balaji Telcom London
Note: Please call to get above free trial Tel No - 00447017341522, 0447017343239, 447017343240
Or send Email : info@balajitelcom.uk.tt

Tel: 00447017341522 Website: ht tp://w ww. b alaj ite lcom.u k.tt
Email: office@balajitelcom.uk.tt

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