Dec 6, 2008

Side effects include: Increased libido, decreased cellulite, and

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Press Release: Arvada, CO, October 01, 2008 A research-based supplement company (GNS), is recruiting participants between the ages of 18 and 69 for a local marketing study.

In an odd twist of events, their last test group, a group of self-proclaimed "desperate housewives" were recruited to try the new 'Slim Seduction' pill which they quickly renamed "the passion pill", as it unexpectedly caused a sizzling, new spark in their love lives!!

Not only had the group lost an extraordinary amount of fat, they had even lost some very unwanted cellulite from their lower bodies and bellies.

With over 57 scientific studies indicating that Slim-Seduction's individual ingredients act to accelerate the burning of body fat (including cellulite),and zap cravings, the researchers were not surprised at the fat-loss,but they were amazed by the increased "libido".

Now researchers want even more proof that Slim Seduction works as quickly in the real world as its ingredients do in the laboratory, and the astonishing initial tests.

More feedback is needed and if you qualify, you will receive a 30-Day Supply so you can participate in this important testing.

Participation is being limited, so you must act now.

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