Apr 20, 2009

SPAM EMAIL - Scam alert: Acai berry rip-offs exposed

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Are you getting scammed? If you're using, or thinking about using, Acai, the "super berry" from the Amazon that Oprah.com and Dr. Oz rate the #1 antioxidant-packed "super food" ever, you might be getting ripped off.

Men and women across the country are turning to Acai Berry cleansing products to fight aging and to help flush excess waste from their digestive tract, resulting in a less bloated, slimmer tummy. But, GNS, America's most trusted supplement company, has discovered that most of the acai berry products today don't contain any real acai berry.

To discover how to spot an acai scam, and to learn how you can try a trial of GNS' REAL Acai Berry Elite cleansing product to help rid you of bloating and gobs of excess waste clogging your system, visit the link below.

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